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How does HackerWatch improve Internet security?
HackerWatch allows individual users to pool information to prevent hacking attempts, intrusion, and unwanted traffic. By combining data from thousands of nodes, Internet traffic such as that produced by automated tools that scan for vulnerable machines can be identified. As a result, the appropriate ISP can be notified and, in turn, remove the offender’s Internet access, which serves to reduce attacks worldwide.

Can HackerWatch identify hackers?
HackerWatch reduces hacking and intrusion by identifying the computers which instigate this activity. As HackerWatch expands, more sources and patterns will be identified. HackerWatch has proven very effective in locating compromised computers and servers.  For example, servers that have been infected with an Internet worm are frequently identified and the owner subsequently informed. Such action helps lower overall infection rates.

How can I submit data to HackerWatch?
HackerWatch is integrated with McAfee Personal Firewall.

Can I submit an entire log?
Not yet. In the near future, however, automatic event submission will be available through McAfee Personal Firewall.

Why does HackerWatch reject duplicate events with the same IP, port, and time?

Submitting multiple identical events is not beneficial when calculating a pattern of data. In the near future, McAfee Personal Firewall will simplify the event submission process and eliminate this message when you attempt to submit duplicate events.